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Have you asked yourself how your neighbor gets their lawn so green and healthy? Sure it may be they’ve used a mixture of a good grass seed and fertilizer, but one of the sure fire reasons is because they water it on a regular basis. Making sure your lawn is well hydrated protects it from drying out and dying, giving it that rich luscious look.


But unless your neighbour has an abundance of spare time on their hands, good bet they are keeping it well nourished with an underground Calgary sprinkler system.


Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of investing in an irrigation system for your yard. Despite the fact that the advantages unquestionably outweigh the disadvantages, it’s important to know all the ins and outs about a product you are considering investing in. Some advantages of a Calgary sprinkler system include:


Convenience – Since the entire system is run through the control panel, setting the sprinkler system is a snap. The automatic timer makes certain the sprinkler waters your lawn the day and time you set it for, which is convenient because you never have to be there to turn it on or off. Homeowners have the option to set it day or night and decide how long the system will run for. Keep in mind, sprinkler experts suggest sprinklers be set to turn on between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. in order to achieve the maximum amount of water absorption.


Less Water Waste – Instead of having a sprinkler you have to move every 20 minutes, an irrigation system makes sure your lawn gets the right about of water and moves onto the next zone when it’s times up. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to move the sprinkler and drowning backyard vegetation. The proper installation and alignment of sprinkler heads also makes sure only plants and your lawn get hydrated and not parked cars, your driveway, street or sidewalk. A drip system is also great for flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, providing them with the right amount of water.


While the disadvantages are few and far between, there are a few key points you should be made aware of, including:


Cost – Even though prices vary from model to model, an underground sprinkler system is an investment. While it’s a worthwhile one to the upkeep of your lawn, it can set you back a few dollars. Price is dependent on a number of factors including dimensions and incline of lot, as well as sunshine to shade correlation. Parts and labour should also be factored in.


Not a Do-It-Yourself Project – Although you may be tempted to buy an installation package from your local hardware store in order to save money on labour, it’s advised you don’t. It’s imperative that you always have a licensed professional install your sprinkler system for you. This ensures it works right, as well as maximizes watering capabilities. Sprinkler specialists often include a warranty on their product and service, which is comforting to consumers.


If installing a Calgary sprinkler system is in your future, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found the very best Calgary sprinkler experts who are ready and waiting to make your yard something you can be proud of.

Serge Gowans

Owner, CEO

Ph: 587-999-2249

With 5 years of experience and proven success, we look forward to the future with continuing to provide a respected and beautiful landscaping and irrigation product for both our commercial and residential customers.


We have done an incredible job to develop high profile properties such as the 4-points Sheraton in Calgary and McArthurs Fine Furniture in Airdie. We helped to create two phenomenal landscaped properties with the recognition that a customer is judging your business by how it looks before they even pass through your doors.


Everyone has a passion and mine is creating a beautiful, green product. With utilizing the latest technology in irrigation, we can co-create a water saving beautiful product. A beautiful product is firstly defined by what your wants and needs are. That is where I have created my success. My customer testimonials have always commented on my personable character and how I pay attention to the details demanded in each unique situation. I love to work with people and you will see this evident in my dealings with you. I won’t leave your job until we are both satisfied that the vision that was created has been met.

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